Delivery Information

Do I need to be at home to receive a delivery?

As we are dealing with chilled products, you will either need to be home or have established a contingency plan with us in advance so that if something unexpected comes up, the delivery can still be made.
We strongly recommend that you are home to receive your order. Our delivery times have been created to enable you to be home to receive your order. If you are not home, your order may be left in the safe place you have nominated. At this point, it becomes your responsibility.
If you have not left alternate instructions of where to leave the order, we will try to contact you on the contact number/s you provide. If we can’t contact you, your order may be returned to our store and re-delivery charges and the cost of any perishables will also be payable.

Am I able to receive my order at a specific time within the delivery time I have selected?

We will always endeavour to meet every customer’s individual needs. However this will not always be possible. The delivery drivers will set the most efficient delivery route to ensure that all deliveries can be made within the nominated delivery timeframes.

What will happen if I order a product that is out of stock?

If there is a product ordered that we cannot provide with the current order, we will contact you to discuss other arrangements. At this time, we will nominate a suitable alternative delivery arrangement for the product/s.

I have missed my delivery

If the driver has arrived at the nominated delivery place and no one is present, Coast & Country Meats will attempt to contact you on the phone numbers supplied by you to make alternate arrangements.
In the event that we cannot contact you, the driver will try and find a safe place to leave the order. If not, the order will be returned to the store, a redelivery fee of $30 will be charged and the cost of any loss/ spoilage will also be charged.

Does Coast & Country Meats deliver to my area?

When you first enter the Coast & Country Meats website you will be prompted to enter your postcode or suburb. You will be notified if this area is not part of our delivery region. You can contact Coast & Country Meatson 4352 1430 if you are outside our normal delivery areas to see if special arrangements can be made.
If you wish, you can still browse our website at anytime, without supplying a post code, to view our online products.

What are the delivery days and when must I place my order?

Delivery Post Codes/ Details
AREA A - Delivery Fee $35 to apply for orders less than $125 - no fee on orders of $125 or more.
Postcodes 2250
                   2258 to 2264
AREA B - Delivery Fee $35 to apply for orders less than $200
                Delivery Fee $20 to apply for orders $200 to less than $300
                Delivery Free for orders of $300 or more
Central Coast                                          2251 to 2257
Upper North Shore                               2069 to 2084  (Monday Tuesday Wednesday)
Newcastle                                              2283 to 2308 (Thursday)

This depends upon where you live and can be viewed by clicking on DELIVERY and SCHEDULE/RESERVE. All delivery windows are 3 hours long.
Cut off time for orders are as follows:

Delivery windows will only appear on the Coast & Country Meats online website 1 week prior to the delivery date.

Online customers of Coast & Country Meats to note:

Coast & Country Meats reserve the right to change the cut off time or close windows earlier without warning. In the unlikely event that this needs to occur, we will make every effort to contact you at the earliest opportunity.

Reserving a window does not guarantee your order will go into your desired delivery window. Checkout is required to be successfully completed in order to confirm your orders delivery date and time.

The site will warn you if you have selected a delivery window which will be closing soon. A 5 minutes remaining warning will also notify you that the order must be successfully completed within that time to make the selected window.

The delivery window is the period in which the delivery can occur and your order can be delivered to your nominated address anytime during that period. If the delivery is significantly delayed Coast & Country Meats will attempt to contact you. Coast & Country Meats is not responsible for orders not delivered within the delivery window.

How long can I reserve a delivery window for?

You can reserve a delivery window for 2 hours after this time you will need to choose a new delivery window when placing order. A delivery window is only confirmed by processing your order through checkout

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